Bodies of water in Haapavesi

Bodies of water in Haapavesi

Pyhäjoki/Kirkkojärvi, which splits Haapavesi and collects the waters from the entire municipality. In addition to the largest lakes Korkattijärvi, Rytkyjärvi and Haapajärvi, there are also Iso and Pieni Vatjusjärvi to the south of the village, and Osmanki and Ainali to the north of the village. Osmanki and Ainali are among the best bird lakes in Finland.

Tervetuloa kalastamaan ja retkeilemään


Haralampi is a natural picturesque forest pond in Humaloja. There is also a lean-to and a restroom. Duckboards go around the pond and you can also use wheelchairs to fish in the pond. You can get there by car.

Rainbow trout is planted in the pond every year and the place is a very popular fishing and hiking destination. Prior to fishing, the permit must always be purchased beforehand. You can find the permit sellers by the link below. The pond is taken care of by the Mieluskoski joint owner committee.

Location coordinates: WGS84 – lat: 64.22472 lon: 25.25407 


The rapid is located in Mieluskylä. The rapids are about 320m long and a drop height of 1.5m. The shallow rapid is beautiful, rocky and great for wading and also repaired.

The bridge crosses the river down from the rapid and there are settlements near the shoreline, whose privacy should be respected by the fishermen. The long islet below the bridge diversifies the flows and the entire rapid area, and therefore the good fishing area continues far below the actual rapids.

There is a large parking area near the school and a common beach area for the villagers north of the river.

Fishing permits

For more information on fishing and joint permits, please contact Kari Ojala, the property manager of the fishing area, tel. 040 777 2459

Mieluskoski Region

Mieluskoski for shareholders 5,00 €/year
guest permit 8,50 €/day, 17,00 €/season

Other water areas of Haapavesi

Trolling permit for residents of Haapavesi 5,00 €/season
For out-of-towners 5,00 €/day, 25,00 €/season

Pyhäjoki common permit area 15,00 €/week

15,00 €/week
55,00 €/year

Other fishing areas

you can find   here