Outdoor sports area for the whole family

Aakonvuori event center is suitable for a wide range of events at any time of the year. Skiing competitions, folkracing races and fairs are organized in the area.

The surroundings of Aakonvuori are indeed a great sports facility for the whole family. In summer, stunning nature of the area offers great walking and hiking terrain. Natural biodiversity surprises hikers. Well-maintained ski tracks, preserved snow tracks and mogul hill are top notch on a Finnish scale. When the natural snow comes over 7 km of lit trails appear around Aakonvuori and a joint network of tracks with a connecting track is more than 30 km.

For children there is a shooting range “Monkey Track” for skiing, as well as a play area and of course a very good mogul hill for those looking for excitement. Haapavesi Athletes also organize ski school activities for children.

The area is being developed more and more.

Aakonvuori is located at: Turvetie 1272,  86600 HAAPAVESI

New on Mount Aakonvuori

XC Mount Aakonvuori

The mountain bike route is 5 km long. Efforts were made to build the route for all levels so that the most difficult sections are  easier to detour. Other routes already built in the area and other users of the area were taken into account in the planning of the route. Directions to the track can be found onsite.

Frisbee golf course

Both Haapavesi Athelets and ski-trailing Haapaveden Latu have collaborated to build a fixed 18 lane frisbee golf course in Korkatti sports and outdoor area in 1.5.2017 – 30.6.2018. There are two 18-lane main layouts, blue and red, the latter is meant for beginners. Shorter versions of both layouts are also availble, with 10 lane layouts comprising lanes 1-6 and 15-18. 14 lane layouts include lanes 1-7 and 12-18.

Eero's round

A sports track was inaugurated and constructed with the help of the project in the summer of 2023. The track is asphalted and has a length of 1.1 km. In the middle of the circuit, there is a practice field, suitable for activities such as technical exercises. The volunteer work for the project was carried out by volunteers from the Haapavesi Athletes’ skiing section.

Fixed points

Haapavesi Athletes’ fixed point networks were built by volunteers so that everybody walking in nature could use the tracks for orienteering.

You can design your own track and go through the checkpoints in any order at any time that suits you best. Tracks can be found in areas of Aakonvuori, Lumimaa and Varikko.

You can also find a new way of orienteering in Lumimaa!   MOBO ORIENTEERING


There’s a leant-to in the area for making a fire. The lean-to is in free use. At the moment there is firewood there. (There are also plans for a closed lean-to next to the mogul hill.)

The Korkatti Paintball Game Area maintained  by Villa Korkatti is a natural forest/rock field, which in itself is perfect for a wide range of Paintball games.

 Check out here

Korkatti area offers trail running routes for both beginners and professionals.

polkujuoksureitti kyltti

There is a playing area built for children. 


poika heittää pallolla apinaradan tauluun

Biathlon track is built for children. Haapaveden urheilijat athlete association organizes the ski school activities for children around Aakonvuori. 

Close to the mogul slope. You can use the sled or twintip skis to go down the fun slopes and slalom hills.

Poika laskee kumparemäkeä

The slalom/mogul slope is a great addition to Aakonvuori activities. This is a great challenge for a mountain skier who craves some excitement. This is a specially popular place among children.

Aakonvuori Aakonmaja in Korkatti is a joint project of the City of Haapavesi, Haapavesi  athlete association, Haapavesi Reservists, Haapavesi Shooting Society and Haapavesi Motor Club. The project has received funding from the Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment Centre and Keskipiste-Leader. It has been very significant for the implementation of the project. Most of the work was done on a voluntary basis. It is possible to rent Aakonmaja for various events.

More information about renting and the Aakonmaja can be found    here.  

Aakonmaja Korkatissa

Aakonvuori Ski Tracks

There are passionate ski enthusiasts in Haapavesi, which can be seen in the condition and routes of our trails.

The intertrack connects to the center and Korkatti ski tracks.

Ski tracks

The ski tracks around Aakonvuori strech for over 30 km. Aakonvuori skiing landscapes are often described as similar to Lapland.

Lit tracks

There are 7km of lit tracks in the area.

Preserved snow track

Preserved snow track is a 1.5km long track built for all levels of fitness and skiing, and is open in the end of October beginning of November every year.

Biathlon track


Preserved snow track is a 1.5km long track built for all levels of fitness and skiing, and is open in the end of October beginning of November every year