Skate park

Haapavesi skate park is located between the sports field and Mäkirinne school.

Beginners and more experienced skaters are welcome to enjoy the skate park. One end of the park has less steep area for beginners, and on the other end there are steeper ledges for more experienced skateboarders too.

The skate park covers the area of over 300 square meters.

For children

For children


There are 10 playgrounds maintained by the city of Haapavesi. In addition to these playgrounds, there are play areas located in the schoolyards are free for use by local residents outside school hours.

Playgrounds and play areas serve residents near their homes. Play areas offer opportunities to play basic children’s games and playgrounds offer equipment for children of different ages. There are swings, slides, climbing structures and sandboxes in playgrounds.

In addition to playing equipment, playgrounds may have green lawn areas and land hills.

Sports hall

It is possible to practice various ball games in the hall, such as basketball, volleyball and badminton, squash, tennis, futsal and floorball, as well as a snooker table at the swimming pool in Lakkuuni café. There is also an indoor running track, a gym and training facilities for archers, aerobics and golf players. An electronic scoreboard is used in the sports hall.

Sports Field

The sports field has paved places for excersising and a lawny football field.

Next to the ice hall there is a baseball field covered with artificial sand lawn (Hakakuja 4).

Relaxing togetherness and having fun with the Beach Volley. There are two sand fields in Haapavesi for beach volleyball games.

The fields are available to everyone.

Kylpyläsaari, Nivalantie 61, 86600 Haapavesi

Huikarinniemi beach is close to the swimming spot, Vesakkokuja, 86600 Haapavesi

Lakkuuni has a large pool, children’s pool, therapy pool, cold pool and 40 m long water slide. The swimming pool offers fitness swimming, water excersises and water running, and therapy pool has a virtual water workout device for guests to use. For people with reduced mobility, there is a private sauna/washing section with direct access to the pool area. There is a lift for disabled in the therapy pool.

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  • You can play tennis either indoors or outdoors.
  • Indoor tennis can be played in the sports hall.
  • The outdoor field is located on the shores of Kirkkojärvi.

Tennis court hours can be booked during swimming pool opening hours through tel. 044 7591 254, in July 044 7591 250

The address of the outdoor tennis court is Linnaistentie 33, 86600 Haapavesi

Minigolf can be played either on the sports court or at Kylpyläsaari

You can ask for more information about Kylpyläsaari minigolf course here

In addition to the ice hall (Hakakuja 4), completed in 2015, Haapavesi has outdoor ice areas located by the side schools.

There is no ice-skating rink in the summertime at the ice hall.

Ice skating

Haapavesi Ice hall was completed in 2015. You can reserve ice time for your team, class or free group at the Ice hall.

During the summer, the hall can be booked e.g. rollerbladers as well as Rollerderby enthusiasts. During the summer, various events are also held in the hall.

About 10 km from the city center there is a wonderful hiking area for both summer and winter sports. The area is free for everyone to use. Worth to see.

Outdoor walking area Lumimaa

In the Lumimaa outdoor area you will find things to do for the whole family. A lean-to for sausage frying, a XC mountain bike track, gymnastic racks and a dog park are all things to do during the summer. Right next to the center.


Orienteering in the varied terrain of Haapavesi.