Haapavesi School Museum

From congregation house to school museum

The first rural folk school in Northern Finland was established in Haapavesi in 1870. The decision to found the school was made in the same building where the school museum is located nowadays.  Back then the building served as a congregation house, where decisions on the municipality’s affairs were made. In this same building, the Haapavesi folk school started its operations and additional school wing was built, but later demolished. In 1904, following a remark by the folk school inspector, the whole building became available to the folk school, because according to the inspector, its use for “other side purposes” disturbed the folk school operation too much.

The high wing of the school class building was demolished in the 1960s when the new school in Mäkirinne was built. This way the school building made space for the construction of a new Nivalantie road.

Already in the 1950s, the cottage became available for museum use, when the Haapavesi Society needed a suitable place for the museum object collection. In the 1980s, the main exhibition of the museum moved to the ground floor of the city hall, leaving the house for storage.

The idea of a school museum arose in the 1990s, and by gradually renovating the school museum, the  first exhibition set was opened to the public in the spring of 2001, and for many years the items were added to the collection.

Koulumuseon luokkahuoneesta kuva

School Museum opening hours

School Museum is open 5.6.-28.7.2024

KE-LA at 12-15

Closed 21.-23.6.2024

Welcome to visit!

Tähtelänkuja 6, Haapavesi 

(Next to Skier Statue)

Open at other times by agreement

Possible changes to opening hours

Haapavesi Society 050 5277864

Myyrilä, Haapavesi Local History Museum

Myyrilä or Viranko House

Myyrila was built in the 1920s as an official residence for a local doctor and as a reception facility. The nickname “Virankola” was given to Myyrilä by his long-time and personal resident, municipal doctor Heikki Virango.

Later Myyrilä served as a family counselling center. In 2012, the main exhibition of Haapavesi Local History Museum was set in Myyrilä and also the café operations of the associations began.

Today, Myyrilä is a genuine and welcoming meeting place for people. By the café run by different vendors there is a small handicraft shop with products from local associations and local literature. Myyrilä also offers a wide range of information on the activities of associations. The meeting room upstairs is used by associations for a small rent. The building  also has an Finnish Red Cross SPR Haapavesi department.

Welcome for coffee and to learn the local history!

myyrilän museoa sisältä

Myyrilä open

Myyrilä open 5.6.-28.7.2024

WED-SAT at 10-16 ja sunnuntaisin at 12-15.

Closed 21.-23.6.2024

Café and museum open

Museum open in summer

Wed-Sat from 9 am to 3 pm and Sun from 12 noon to 3 pm

Vanhatie 60, Haapavesi

Open at other times by agreement

Possible changes to opening hours

Haapavesi Society 050 5277864