Relax | Hike | Sport

Both in summer and winter, Haapavesi offers perfect environment for people on vacation. 

Those in need of nature and quiet can enjoy every part of what our beautiful scenery full with waterways and hills has to offer. Variety of fascinating hiking destinations and wonderful nature trails nurture both body and soul. Dozens of lean-tos and campfire sites around Haapavesi are free to use for hikers.

There are no less than 55 km of lit, well-maintained ski tracks for winter sport lovers. In the middle of the hilly terrain on the ski tracks of Aakonvuori you can feel a Lapland-like vibe.  The preserved snow track opens usually in early November and provides an absolute delight for a skier. Unlit trails can also be found both in the city center and in any village in Haapavesi.

Summer sport lovers will find frisbee golf courses, fixed control points networks, tennis court and beaches. In Lumimaa you can also test a fun monkey track, an XC mountain bike track, or if you are looking to break a sweat there is a cool running staircase right by the sled hill.

Hiking in Nature Destinations

Our hilly terrain and abundance of waterways create the best scenery to work out in nature.

Work out - outdoors

Outdoor workouts can be done both in the calm of nature and in the center of the city.

Work out - indoors

Indoor sports facilities are top notch and available for everyone.

Local sports facilities

Here you can find sports facilities in the city of Haapavesi.


Aakonvuori is a summer and winter sports area that offer activities for any taste.


Lumimaa (literally snowland) offers activinties for the whole family both in summer and winter.