Haapavesi, home region, picturesque corner of Ostrobothnia

Abundant with hills and water bodies – unusual for Osthrobotnia – Haapavesi lies in the middle of Finland. A small drive from the Finnish National Road 4 brings you to the Pearl of Ostrobothnian center and its great people. Haapavesi is a district full of vibrant personalities, skiers and makers of traditional string instruments – kantele.  Regardless of the season, Haapavesi offers a wide range of hiking and sports opportunities. Set work and chores aside and head into the nature full of hills and lakes to relax. Troubles and worries dispel in the scent of conifer tree resin and peat. 



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Haapavesi Folk

Haapavesi Folk plays annually at the end of June

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Let’s go sports in the Aakonvuori hiking area with the whole family. Run, bike or throw frisbee golf.

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Explore summer excursion destinations in the beautiful nature of Haapavesi.

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Haapavesi is known for its colorful personalities and interesting history