cross-country ski trails

Haapavesi, the ski town

Haapavesi has always been known as a strong ski town. Over the years, enthusiastic sports enthusiasts have built an extensive network of trails in the beautiful landscapes of Haapavesi in cooperation with the city. You can go skiing both near the center and in the highlands, which are comparable in beauty to the scenery of Lapland.

There are about 55 kilometers of illuminated ski trails in the Haapavesi area.

You can find up-to-date maintenance on the trails here

The lights on the illuminated trails will be on until 11pm!

Suksi sinäkin Haapavedellä. Talvikauden hiihtopaketit myynnissä nyt!

Explore the Lumimaa ski trails. From there you can ski to Korkatti.


Täältä löydät tietoa korkatin hiihtoladuista ja aktiviteeteistä.

Ski tracks

In Haapavesi you will find cross-country ski trails in every village. There is also a ski track on the lake shore during the winter.