There are enthusiastic frisbee golf lovers in Haapavesi who made it possible to play frisbee golf in our picturesque setting on awesome, top-notch courses.

Haapavesi Athletes and Haapaveden Latu have collaborated to build a fixed 18 lane frisbee golf course in Korkatti sports and outdoor area. The project was funded by Keskipiste-Leader.

Laitakallio frisbee golf course

Laitakallio frisbee golf course is located in the center of Haapavesi. There are many beginner-friendly lanes on the track, but there are also plenty of lanes for more experienced golfers.

The track is located on the border between Haapavesi and Nivala in the village of Karsikka at Vähämäki walking area. The course was finished in 2015. Some of the lanes are simple forest paths and others are sawdust lanes. Height differences create a small challenge.

HaU Disc Golf Club Haapavesi is a frisbee golf branch of Haapavesi Athletes.


DGCH organizes frisbee golf competitions in Haapavesi in the form of separate and weekly competitions. In addition to the competition activities, we maintain the Laitakallio frisbee golf course and arrange training opportunities for fisbee golfers.